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Shiplap – 16mm (finishes 12mm) or 19mm (finishes at 14.5mm) has a smooth, elegant finish in a traditional cream colour. This sustainable piece of wood is treated green and therefore resistant to rot for 15 years, increasing the longevity of a building. Shiplap is named after the way it slots together, it overlaps to provide a natural air and moisture seal.

Loglap – This is 22mm in thickness, this tongue and groove type of cladding with each piece locking together. This is deeper in colour than the shiplap and offers enhanced insulation qualities due to the thickness of the wood.

Feather Edge – Featheredge cladding is considered the cheapest type of cladding as it has a thin and narrow panel. Featheredge works by overlapping the boards by 40/50mm, this helps give resistance to wind and rain. Darker in colour with a rough finish, this type of wood is good for a cost-effective shed, shelter, stable or fencing.

Composite cladding – is a synthetic alternative to timber, this product creates a similar look to timber in appearance with a more reliable and consistent outcome. This material is made from recycled plastics, is highly durable and low maintenance compared to its natural competitors. Created with function in mind composite cladding will absorb less water and does not rot, warp in wet conditions and is not as susceptible to pests such as termites. Composite cladding will last for years however you do pay the price for this great material, being one of the most expensive cladding we offer.