Calculating how many decking boards you will need

Firstly you need to calculate the total area in m2

To do this, simply measure the length and width and follow this formula: Length x Width = Area in m2

Next you need to calculate the m2 of the desired deckboard (again this is Length x Width)

Then follow this formula:

Total Area (m2) ÷ Area of Deckboard (m2) = Quantity needed

For Example: The area I want to deck is 3.6m L x 3.6m W.

The deckboard I am using is 3.6m x 138mm (the width will change to 143mm in the calculations as we must add 5mm for expansion gap)

The area to be decked in m2 is 3.6 x 3.6 = 12.96m2

The area of the deckboard is 3.6 x 0.143 = 0.52m2

12.96 ÷ 0.52 = 24.92

The number of deckboards I need is 25.

Which Deck Boards should I purchase?

We offer 4 variations of Deck Boards in differing thickness and sizes…

All of our Boards are very versatile and suitable for most areas, especially domestic so these are the best cost effective option.

When building the frame, how far apart should I place the joists?

A maximum of 450mm.

How far apart should Spindles be?

A maximum of 90mm apart (Mandatory regulations to ensure a child can’t get their head in the gap)

How often should I treat my decking?

For pressure treated softwood decking, it’s recommended to re-treat it every year to increase the longevity of the boards. If you wish to treat an older or weathered deck

surface, it’s very important to either clean and fully dry your surface before treatment. Attempting to apply product to a used, dirty deck will not be effective.

How often should I clean my decking?

It is recommended that you clean your decking at least twice a year, ideally in warm weather conditions. This will help prevent a build-up of organic matter & dirt from damaging or discolouring your deck.

How can I remove stains or discolouration?

Common causes of discolouration can include sunlight exposure, dirt, mildew & stains from usage.

As decking is exposed to UV rays & weather conditions, over time decks will fade and experience some level of discolouration.

Majority of the time, brushing your decking down with a specialist decking cleaning solution will remove any unwanted stains. A lot of deck cleaning products will be bleach based which will help to clean your decking of mildew